Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Raising Funds To Bring Our Boy Home!

Coming down to the final months of preparation to bring our son John Wesley home!  He is waiting for us in Shanghai and I can not tell you how many people have said things like "Cutest Boy In China" and "Cutest little guy I have ever seen!".   Oh my but we do agree 100% with these comments.  This mama was smitten with that tiny grin the very first time I saw him toddle into a room on a video our adoption agency had made of him.

I usually charge $65 for a blog makeover but now I am charging $30 for each blog in hopes of raising funds to bring Mr. Cuteness home!  We are currently waiting on our LOA so we should be traveling in January or February! (December would be nice, too but is impossible at this point without a miracle.)  Please help spread the word that I am doing blog makeovers to help bring our little one home!!!  If you need a wedding blog, a family blog, an adoption blog.......I can do it! :)    THANK YOU!!!

I am finishing up the HUGE order of Mei Mei shirts this week and can start on blogs next week!  :)

Sharon :)